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It’s not OK. It’s really not. Don’t be a twonk.

downloadLet me ask you a question.

We are connected to each other and the web 24/7/365 these days.  Social media is an intrinsic part of our lives – we run our business marketing through it, build relationships through it, sell our stuff through it.  We use Messenger, text & sometimes email to communicate anywhere and anytime we want.  We send each other stories and images through it, we stick silly hats and frames on our photos with it.  We are connected.

So why is it so bloody difficult to do what you say you are going to do?

Think about it for a moment.

You arrange to meet a client for a regular update meeting.  They are already buying your stuff and you are hoping they will buy some more.  You give them a call a day or two before just to confirm timings etc, and you look forward to the opportunity.  On the day, you arrive in good time to make sure your meeting, that you confirmed your client would be attending, goes ahead as planned.

Your meeting start time arrives.  And passes.  You are still waiting.

You are still waiting 30 minutes later.

You try and get hold of your client – the one that told you they were definitely coming – to find out if everything is OK.


You check your voicemail, facebook, email, text messages.


Not a sausage.

Wall.  Of.  Silence.

How do you feel about that?  I’d imagine you’d feel a few things.  Annoyed.  Frustrated.  Fed Up.  Confused.  Let Down.

But mostly annoyed & let down.

What does that make you feel about their business relationship with you?  They told you they were coming when you checked.  They promised to be there.  They agreed to a meeting with you that meant you were unable to do other things.  They said they would.

Does that give you confidence in their ability to deliver?  To do what they say they are going to do?


So why is it OK to do this with networking meetings?

Confirming you are going to be at a networking meeting and then not bothering to show up, and not telling anyone on the team you are not going to be there is not OK.

Confirming you are going to be at a networking meeting, and then not bothering to show up, or answer your phone/text messages or messenger in response to the team checking you are alright is not OK.

You have no idea how much this damages your personal brand.

You now occupy the Table of Shame, with your name displayed for all to see throughout the 2 hour meeting as The One Who Didn’t Bother To Turn Up.

You have a team of fellow networkers who now have no confidence in you.

You have a room full of potential clients who see you as unreliable.

Your credibility is shot.  Your integrity is looking ropy, and all because you couldn’t be bothered to turn up.

Pick up your damn phone.


One little phone call/text or message, even if it’s a ‘the dog ate my homework’ kind of excuse goes a very, very long way to stopping all of that happening.

As business owners, we work hard to create the Meet, Like, Know & Trust scenario that allows us to build relationships and create a platform where people want to work with us.

Trust is a major part of that.

When you don’t bother, ask yourself this – why should we?

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