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Getting Stuff Done

wordcloudFor pity’s sake – stop faffing about!.

Your business relies on you getting a grip and making sure you are managing your time appropriately – so why aren’t you doing it?!

I get asked ‘how I manage’ to run a successful international training consultancy, the KAPOW! Personal Branding Programme, a hobby craft business and a home/husband/domestic life ALL THE TIME.

I manage.

How do I do that?  Well, I talk about this a lot more during Getting Stuff Done, which is my time management and planning workshop – but here are some top tips from me to get you started:


Don’t head into each day without a plan to get you from A-B, but don’t be a slave to it either.  I use a daily planning sheet, as well as a good old fashioned A4, day to a page diary.  I use the planning sheet at the end of each day to ‘brain dump’ what I need to do the following day.  I use the diary to plan my week – including networking meetings, domestic obligations and time for me.  I keep my online Outlook calendar focussed on what I need to do for Lightning Training & KAPOW!.  The three streams of consciousness that keep me focussed.


Don’t head into each day with a scattergun approach to your plan!  Focus on what you need to do each day FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

So – think about grouping your tasks into the following areas of focus:

  1. Money Generating
  2. Lead Generating
  3. Focus Generating

Pontificating?  Stop it.

You are your own worst enemy here.  We all have crappy jobs we don’t want to do.  My struggles with reconciling bank statements are the stuff of legend.  God I hate that job.  I hate it because it bores me rigid.  But – I know this, and so, I make sure I take a day away at least once every three months and work through the stuff I hate so I can focus on the stuff I love.  If you have tasks like this that you continually put off, either create focussed time like I do to attack them, or outsource them.

Pass it on

Delegate!  You need to learn how to delegate stuff that others could do quicker, better & more easily than you.  If you are running a small business, this is essential to stop you losing your mind.  Although the monthly fee for an accountant/accounting software/receipt management software/call booking system/customer relationship management system might seem scary, these tools are essential to make sure you keep track of where your business is going.  Many of these allow you to add team members to help you keep on top of it all.  And that team member could be a Virtual Assistant.  You can see my favourites, the one’s I use – right here:


Receipt Bank

SalesRadar – 7DAYTRIALK



Work when you work best.  This is especially valid if you work for yourself.  There is no law that says the self employed have to sit down in front of a computer at 9am and work solidly until 6pm.  I know many business owners who work unconventionally (my graphic designer is regularly beavering away at 1am).  The point here is to recognize when you are at your best and sort your working life out accordingly.  I’m pretty hopeless first thing in the morning.  So I avoid doing most things business related (apart from networking) until after 10am, when I am more focussed and on the ball.

Park It

My final top tip is to know when to stop.  Set parameters and stick to them – whilst recognising that you need to remain flexible too.  I finish at 4pm.  This doesn’t mean I down tools, flounce off and refuse to do anything work related – it means I stop working on the PC, writing, developing etc and I go and do something else.  I’ll often make some calls at this point, do my daily planning, sort my life out and generally get ready to do my other job.  That of being me – Mrs W.

If you need help getting organised and getting stuff done – then get booked on to the next workshop here.



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