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Selena Duke

Wham! Bam! KAPOW!


I learnt SO much....

      I was one of the presenters at Sheena's Kapow! event in Lincoln. Usually, if I am a hired speaker, I don't spend the whole day at the event but I chose to do exactly that at Kapow! I learnt SO much from Sheena and the other speakers that it made such sensible use of my time, and has helped me to put together a strategy. I knew something was missing, and KAPOW! helped me to find it, and put a plan to make it happen.

A great day!

Great KAPOW! Workshop on Monday. Sheena gave us some really interesting ways of getting underneath what makes us all super heroes and these will really help me shape my personal brand. Thank you for a great day.

Knows her stuff!

I have recently been lucky enough to attend one of Sheena's KAPOW! workshops. As well as having an enjoyable time, I feel like I have received some really valuable information and advice from somebody who clearly knows her stuff! Sheena is a great speaker and the day absolutely flew by.

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Why I'm wearing my underpants over my trousers....


A great day!

A great Kapow Day, very thought provoking. I would recommend everyone to attend. I took a lot away from it

Amazing workshop!

Absolutely amazing workshop! Very powerful and thought provoking, the right amount of interaction and information.
Perfect pace and timings, It made the day very useful and actionable.

I was very impressed...

    I was very impressed with Sheena’s KAPOW! workshop. The content of the presentations and the quality of the speakers were both excellent. It has certainly given me plenty to think about in terms of developing my business. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to build their personal brand.


Wow Kapow! I attended a Kapow training 1-day workshop last week and my head has been spinning ever since. Motivating, stimulating and thought provoking content with a load of stuff to go away and think about after the course, along with a built in accountability partner .... really useful day that I know will have a positive long term impact on me and my business ... thank you very much! 10 / 10 🙂

Informative & thought provoking..

The KAPOW! workshop was the most valuable training I have ever done for myself and my business. It was informative and thought provoking, but also so much fun. Sheena has a unique training style and definitely does not just regurgitate the usual management spiel! Could not recommend this workshop more highly.

As good as it gets....

    I recently attended the first of what I'm sure will be many KAPOW! Branding Workshops. Its a full day event put together and delivered by Sheena and her SuperTeam. Fantastic advice, well presented and as good as it gets if you are you are serious about taking yourself and/or your business to the next level. Highly recommended.

Brilliant training!

I attended a Kapow! workshop yesterday. Brilliant training, very motivational. I'm now much more confident that I am heading in the right direction with what I do and am ready to put my super powers into action! Thanks Sheena

Absolutely fantastic!

The Kapow personal branding workshop was absolutely fantastic!! As a network marketer it's very easy to lose yourself in your company's brand but after today I feel I have identified my own superpowers that make me stand out above above the crowd. Thank you Sheena and Stef 😇

I would recommend it to anyone

      Having taken part in Sheena's KAPOW inaugural training day, I would it recommend anyone who needs a refresher on how to make the most of the time you spend trying to develop your business, whether it be time or social media management - it just takes a bit of thoughtful planning & YOU! Sheena and her team have me the nudge I needed to get my act together! Thank you, Sheena!

Blown away by the quality & content....

      I attended the KAPOW! workshop on Wednesday 1st June, and was blown away by the quality and the presentations of the content. Serious and vital guidance for anyone wanting to boost their business. Not been yet? Well you're the ones being left behind then! Best value for money training you will find.


    Went on a KAPOW! course run by Sheena Whyatt. Brilliant! so very informative and full of things you can do to enhance your business - would thoroughly recommend you go on the next course she does.

The whole day was exceptional.....

      I recently attended Sheena's KAPOW! workshop in Lincoln. The whole day was exceptional and centered around Personal Branding and how you can get a clear and precise message over to...and attract...potential clients.
      Sheena is a brilliant trainer and educator. Knows exactly how to get through to different people, what language to use and how to get you thinking. With regards to KAPOW! itself. The whole day was great. 10/10. A great mix of Branding and Marketing, plus proper Business Networking tips and even a stylist to complete the day. Top Drawer. Highly recommended!

An innovative approach to training!

Last week I attended the KAPOW! training session on personal branding, which I was lucky enough to win in a Secret Santa at 4Networking. Thank you, Sheena!

Communication via email was excellent and timely. The pre-course preparation focused and prepared me for the day and was a very simple formula to complete.

The venue was fabulous, with great views across to Lincoln Cathedral. Refreshments were plentiful and of excellent quality for the whole day.

This was an innovative approach to training and great fun. It is rare, in business, that we take time to consider our personal branding, it's usually corporate branding, so was very refreshing.

As lead trainer Sheena was dynamic and courageous. All course materials were of a high quality and easy to follow.

I would wholly recommend this day course to anybody in business. Further I think it would work well if it was bolted onto a longer course, as opposed to a stand alone day.

Jill Cowley

Owner/ Director Pozitive Minds - Coaching and Therapies

Just superb................

A huge thanks to Sheena and her team for a superb KAPOW Workshop. It was such a treat to have a day just to think about me. The content and delivery were pitched just right. It's given me some clear direction and all I need to do now is follow the training through. Many thanks Sheena - Just superb.

A real eye opener!

I had the pleasure of attending the Kapow! Finding your inner superhero – Branding Workshop at the Hilton Hotel in Lincoln on Wednesday 1st June 2016.

I’ve seen Sheena in action before, energetic and passionate and with her band of superhero’s along for the day, Sheena didn’t disappoint.

The approach was about you as the brand and how you represent yourself to reinforce that, the day blended together forming your brand principles, how these could be applied through networking and every time you meet people as well as marketing yourself both literally and physically, it was a real eye opener.

I came away from the day with a better understanding of me as a brand and what I can do to improve and strengthen it.

Great Team, Great colleagues on the day and great addition to continued education as a business owner.

Kindest Regards

Darren Juggins - Owner / Creative Director

Feeling confident, moving forward - thanks to KAPOW!

A big thank you to Sheena and the KAPOW! team.

I recently took advantage of the Training day at the Hilton Double Tree, Lincoln.

I was not sure what to expect. Would it be too corporate for me, would it be too intense and out of my depth. No... it was perfect. Im a small Sole Trader and it was so tailored to help me, grow, Improve and plan my business.

From who I am, to what I want to be. It covered how to do the right type of Marketing for my business, (in an language I understood-im not the best of techno people)

How to phrase and introduce myself and my business - with intention of engaging people into understanding my business. How to literally sell myself as my business. ( I will be changing my wardrobe also... ) made me re think a lot of things.

All so I can go forward , confidently and know what i am doing is what i want to be doing and gaining such a reward from it all, both from a personal and financial way.

But I also know it does not stop there. By planning and maintaining and reviewing these goals, I will successfully get there.

Thank you to the Kapow team

Selena Duke

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