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Being a caped crusader for your personal brand

No, I don’t actually wear the leotard.

Or the boots.

I do, however, occasionally wear the cape – I am, indeed, a caped crusader for personal branding.

I bang on endlessly at networking events about personal branding being essential to the success of your business, whether you are a micro business, a start-up, an experience entrepreneur – whatever, it matters.

I bang on endlessly about it because it’s true, it works, and so many people simply aren’t engaging with it.

So why is it important? A strong personal brand creates an identity for your business, and represents how people know you & your business. It gives them something to identify with, and a perception of your reputation and the reputation of your business. When you are a small fish in a very big pond, a strong personal brand is more important to your success now than it ever has been!

Yes, a great brand starts with great imagery, a strong name, a fab logo & business cards etc, but there is so much more to your personal brand than the funky visual stuff.

Sadly, many businesses focus more time on the funky stuff than thinking about the personal brand behind the logo.

You see, here’s the rub. Poor personal branding impacts your business. But it impacts your business in a negative way, not a positive one. No one wants that – so why ignore it or give it such a low priority? Ignoring your personal brand can seriously threaten the survival of your business.

One common theme that I reiterate in my workshops, and through the personal mentoring sessions I offer is that of conveying trust. Credibility is essential for building a strong personal brand. When people trust you, they will buy from you. It’s quite simple. If you focus on creating a personal brand that encourages that trust, and conveys that credibility, then you have edge on your competition. People will want to join your tribe. They will want to be part of it. They will want to be part of your story.

You’ve got to look at it like this – your personal brand is a promise you make to your tribe that tells them who you are and what you believe in – your unique superpowers that make you, you. When you invest time, energy & resources to develop your personal brand, you’ll create further opportunities for success.

Personal branding isn’t just another marketing tool to add to a boring tick list of ‘must do’s’ – its central to your business success.

So, before you spend more time & money on physical marketing, take a closer look at your personal brand – does it accurately reflect you and your business?

If not – you need to invest some time & money to sort this out, and give yourself the superpowers you need to change it. I can help you with that.

So, step out of your phone box, grab your own cape & get in touch – come and find your WOW with me through KAPOW!

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